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A new Leipzig- or Bach baroque oboe A:415 after Cornelius Sattler

Crafted in close collaboration with two of the most eminent baroque oboists

Also available: baroque oboe d’amore after Cornelius Sattler, copy of an original instrument from a private collection in Germany.

Why a new baroque oboe?

After having made recorders for over three decades, the desire to branch out into making baroque oboes was born when I reached a certain level of baroque oboe playing. Listening to what several baroque oboists told me, there appeared to be an interest in a new, easy-playing, elegant sounding German/Leipzig style instrument…..

The instruments

The oboe is a copy of an instrument from the collection tof Robert Howe, US, that hadn’t been copied so far. The original is an excellent instrument, in a very good condition.
The d’amore is also a copy of a very nice original by Sattler, in excellent condition.

I’ve been making fine recorders since 1987, now it’s time to branch out into baroque oboes. An exciting adventure!

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