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  WHY A NEW BAROQUE OBOE? The oboes that were made in Leipzig in Bach’s time have a different sound from the other German 18th. century instruments (as well as from the Engish, Italian and French oboes, obviously). We can desribe this particular sound as sweet, rich and colourful. Three of the most important Leipzig woodwind instrument makers at that time were Poerschmann, Eichentopf and Cornelius Sattler. Two other ‘Bach’ or Leipzig oboes that have survived and are being copied by modern makers, are Eichentopf originals. Oboist Frank de Bruine told me more about this Leipzig maker, Cornelius Sattler, and about an instrument by him that was worth investigating. If this instrument would prove to be good, we could add a new flavour to the palette of instruments available already. This was the plan, and so we carried out the project! Taka Kitazato, maker as well as player, stepped on board the train as well and so we have our ‘Team Sattler’. Of course I’m also still dedicated to the recorder! Whatever happens, I love the instrument and will carry on making it.