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Comparing this oboe by Corn. Sattler to the Eichentopf instruments will show remarkable similarities, especially looking at the bell. We can assume that these two makers knew each other well – they were both makers in the close circle of instrument makers and players in Leipzig, a.o. Poerschmann, Bauer, Noach, during the first half of the 18th. century, when Leipzig played a dominant role in woodwind instrument making. It’s also very likely that all these makers regularly attended Bach’s Sunday performances, Bach being the city’s music director.

Bach was appointed cantor and music director in Leipzig in 1723, when one of the best oboists ever, Caspar Gleditsch, was working there too. They worked closely together. Bach wrote more instrumental solo’s for the oboe in his vocal music than for any other instrument.

This Sattler oboe that I copy is well preserved, hardly damaged, plays easily throughout all registers and is very close to A:415. The sound is sweet, colourful and the copy tolerates several reed- and staple set-ups, bot single staple as 2-staple.

The oboe d’amore that I’ve added to my gamma is also after an excellent original by Cornelius Sattler, belonging to Günther Joppig, Germany.

I owe many credits to Frank de Bruine and Taka Kitazato, two of the best players and best sources of feedback, help, inspiration and fun afternoons of hard work in my workshop.
We, Team Sattler, were so enthousiastic about the oboe that we’ve decided to also develop the Sattler d’amore.

I make these instruments in A:415, in carefully seasoned European boxwood, various rosewoods (palissanders) and olive wood, with two massive silver keys for the oboe and with brass keys for the d’amore.

Oboe: in boxwood or olive wood € 1.850 incl. VAT/ € 1.529 ecxl. VAT,
in rosewoods/palissanders € 2025 incl. VAT/ € 1674 excl. VAT

incl. two staples
Oboe d’amore: in boxwood or olive wood € 1.950 incl. VAT/ € 1.612 excl. VAT
in rosewoods/palissanders € 2.100 incl. VAT/ € 1.736 excl. VAT
incl. 2 staples

2 d'amores, boxwood & cocobolo